How To Use Our Configurator Tool

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The most powerful web tool in the automatic screwdriving industry.

Our complex & well thought out automatic screwdriving & screwfeeding product configurator tool is by far leaps and bounds beyond what competing automatic screwdriver and feeder manufacturers have to offer.

Our dedicated team of web developers and mechanical engineers worked in tangent with each-other for months in order to create the perfect solution to difficult quoting processes, and make it easier for you to make a direct purchasing decision.

What does it do?

Everything you imagine it to!

Our product configurator is like having your own personal Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing product consultant, whenever and wherever you are. The configurator tool works perfectly on a desktop and on a tablet, as well as on mobile devices – meaning that you can configure products on your own from the office, production floor, at tradeshows & conferences, or at home on your phone.

“Their configurator has the ability to take your fastener specs and specific job needs and turn them into viable product suggestions and a quote – a must-have tool for my distribution business that helps me to identify customer needs and help them right away!‚Äč”

The product configurator is going to be the most valuable asset in your toolbox as a distributor, and a powerful purchasing decision guide if you are an interested customer or machine builder.

So, how does it work, and how do you use it?

There are 5 simple steps - let's go through them together.

The tool is very user-friendly and self-explanatory, but you can read more below about the 5 easy and quick steps you must complete in order to get your configured product results and turn them into a quote automatically:

Step 1: Configure Your Fastener

Before anything, it’s important to dial in the specifications of the fastener being used in your particular application. You will need to know the fastener type, head specifications, shank specifications, and, if there is an obstacle around the space which is to be fastened, the measurements of the clearance.

Step 2: Configure Your Drive Head

Next, you need to configure your applications needs regarding an automatic screwdriving head. Our configurator will ask you about the motor, screwdriver tool, electrical and torque requirements, etc.

Fill out this step as accurately as possible. The configurator will take your answers and cross-examine them with your answers from Step 1 in order to get you the most accurate configured results.

Step 3: Configure Your Feeder or Presenter

Because of all of the information that you have already inputted up until this point, configuring your feeder selections is as easy as 3 questions:

  1. Do you need a feeder or a presenter?
  2. Do you need an enclosure?
  3. Do you need a hopper?
Answer the questions in Step 3 as accurately as possible in order to determine the right products for you.

Step 4: Get Your Results

The moment of truth – here is where you get to see what the most likely solutions for your application are. Based on your fastener and application specifications, needs in a drive head and feeder, and available clearance (which, if you selected “Yes” to “Obstacle around workspace?” in Step 1, you will have already provided dimensions for), you will be shown a series of both drive heads and products.

Please note that, while generally accurate, our configurator tool is not 100% accurate 100% of the time, and each application is different. While we do have dozens of drive heads and feeders on our website, in reality, that number is much higher and should be in the thousands. So keep in mind that each product recommendation you see is a suggestion, not a final proposal.

Step 5: Make It A Quote!

Now that you’ve finished everything and have seen what products will most likely work best for your application, why not turn your configured results into a quote request/inquiry?

The form already has 75% of all of the information it needs to provide our sales team with accurate enough information to provide you with a detailed quote – all you need to do at this point is enter your contact information, and upload any relevant files!

Relevant files include:

  1. 3D Drawings of the part which is to be fastened.
  2. 3D or 2D drawings of your fastener.
  3. 3D or 2D drawings of the available workspace.
  4. Any relevant documentation regarding electrical requirements, torque, etc.
Once we have all of your information & data, our sales & engineering teams will begin working on your product quote ASAP and will get back to you with a follow up email within 1-2 business days!

Ready to try it out?

Use it to submit your next quote request!

Click on the button below to be redirected to our Product Configurator page & start configuring now for your next quote request! It’s so easy, you won’t want to submit quotes using any other method.

Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think about it in the comments section below!

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