Handheld Automatic Screwdrivers

Carlson Handheld Automatic Screwdrivers for Product Manufacturing

Ergonomic & operator-friendly handheld automatic screw driving machines enable products and parts manufacturers to manually fasten parts together more efficiently along an assembly production line.

This results in upwards of a 60% boost in speed* compared to production lines using manual or semi-automatic screwdrivers!

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Flexible & operator-friendly use


, Handheld Automatic Screwdrivers, Carlson Engineering

Handheld screw driving for small screws


, Handheld Automatic Screwdrivers, Carlson Engineering

Modularly designed for high-torque


Operator and assembly line-friendly design...

We manufacture state-of-the-art handheld drive heads for maximum ROI in smaller screw driving assembly lines, and for applications when a single or multi spindled fixtured screw driving system just doesn't make economic sense.

Our handheld automatic drive heads are the industry standard in operator-guided automatic screw driving across virtually all industries – we are at the forefront of the engineering world when it comes to handheld screw driving devices, and it’s not very difficult to understand why! With such a wide variety of possible handheld solutions, there is no application we can’t work a handheld system into.

Take a look at the difference in speed an assembly line can experience with automated screw driving:

*This chart accurately represents a 60% boost in speed when using a handheld automatic screwdriver in place of a manual, or semi-automatic screw driving device.

Why would an assembly line need a handheld drive head over a fixtured single spindle or multi spindle drive head? The answer is in the cost – if it does not make sense to integrate a single spindled or multi spindled drive head into an application’s assembly, then the best way to automate it is with a handheld screwdriver tool manufactured by Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing. We have integrated handheld screw driving systems into both large-scale and small-scale production lines at varying price points – so when we say that we know everything there is to know about handheld screw driving, we mean business.

Our handheld automatic screwdrivers offer the following advantages over alternative models:

  • Alternative grip styles such as pistol-grip, push to start, lever, and right-angle handheld automatic screwdriver heads are available for an array of applications.
  • Adaptable design is compatible with standard screwdriver tool bits using a quick-bit-change.
  • Drive head can be configured to work on a number of part profiles and with many different fastener types.
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic design results in greatly reduced operator fatigue, as well as shorter cycle times and longer run times.
  • Light-weight design makes it easy for operators to articulate the drive heads into position without stress.
  • A stand-off heel can be implemented into the design, preventing the drive head jaws from scuffing the part's surface and preserving its surface finish.

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