Aerospace Industry: Manufacturing Automation In Aerospace

Aerospace Industry: Manufacturing Automation In Aerospace

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Carlson Engineering: Driving the aerospace industry forward for over 30 years.

Carlson Engineering has been building custom multi-spindle systems and drive cells to accommodate the vast aerospace industry for years. We’ve developed specialized automated delivery systems that load fasteners in preparation for paint as well as systems that assist in the assembly of various products such as:

Why industrial automation is important to aerospace manufacturing and design:

Aerospace manufacturing technology has come a long way since its inception – we now have standardized components and mass-produced assemblies which depend on reliable, repeatable production processes. Aerospace manufacturing tools have to be compatible with robotic manufacturing systems in order to keep up with demand in aerospace production.

Through advanced robotic screwdriving and screw feeding technology specialized for aerospace manufacturing and automation, Carlson Engineering is capable of producing the automation systems that the aircraft industry needs.

Carlson's aerospace manufacturing technology:

Here are some of the components that Carlson’s aerospace assembly tools are capable of being integrated into production lines for:

  • Satellite dish assembly
  • Antennae assemblies
  • Wing screws
  • Amplifier assemblies
  • Circuit boards
  • Radar array assemblies
  • Satellite-guided systems

If you are an aerospace manufacturing company in need of advanced screwdriving and screw feeding solutions for your production line, call Carlson Engineering for a quote today.

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