Fenestration/Woodworking Industry: Manufacturing Automation In Woodworking

Fenestration/Woodworking Industry: Manufacturing Automation In Woodworking

Soaring above the competition

Carlson Engineering: Driving the fenestration industry forward for over 30 years.

Carlson has played an integral part in developing automated systems for OEMs that assemble all types of products that make up the fenestration industry. Assembly of windows made of aluminum, wood and vinyl; the “mulling” process of fusing windows together; as well the attachment of Truth hardware, fasteners, cranks, counterbalances and more.

We have years of experience in creating automatic screw feeding solutions that manufacture:

  • Lock assemblies
  • Cabinet hinges
  • Window frames
  • Window sashes
  • Window casements
  • Counterweights
  • Door frames
  • Cabinet face frames
  • Screen door frames
  • Door hinges
  • French doors
  • Sliding doors

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